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Lion luggage concierge

Lion Luggage Concierge is a premium luggage storage facility offering luggage storage services for passengers of Tampa International Airport and surrounding private hangers. They recently began their business in early 2024.

They offer a full suite of services to assist with extended visits covering black car service and travel insurance. They also provide recommendations and short-term Air BnB services when necessary.

Travel, Hospitality

  • Luggage storage and security
  • Black car service (Pick-up, drop-off, and extended rental)
  • Travel insurance
  • Short-term Air BnB
Black Dragon marketing not only met my company's expectations in rebuilding the Lion Luggage concierge website, but also anticipated my needs by proactively listening to my frustrations first and then executing my vision confidently as if it was her own with a finishing touch. I am assured that the website now truly reflects my team's identity as T.J. narrated our message to our valuable customers around the world like a priceless work of art. If you didn't you know who to call!

Kendall Brown

Lion Luggage Concierge

The Objective

Branching out from a directory service, Lion Luggage Concierge needed to create an independent identity that would allow them to direct potential clients directly to them and bypass their competition. By creating their own website and integrating new services using Aerial CRM, Lion Luggage set the following objectives to gain greater control and agility in their business.

  1. Complete customer onboarding system
  2. Eliminate platform fees from directory service
  3. Streamline custom service performance
  4. Scalable system for future growth
  5. Access to real-time information 
Lion Luggage engaged Black Dragon Marketing and Tarletta Williams to assist with migrating their brand to its own platform and developing the marketing and automation strategies. Combining these three, Black Dragon Marketing was able to create a website that embodied the brand of the company with the proper features to create an efficient system for Lion Luggage.

Benefit to the Client

  1. Complete Customer Onboarding System – By creating a seamless onboarding experience, Lion Luggage could compete in the world of online reservations to keep customers engaged and enhance the overall customer experience.
  2. Eliminate Platform Fees – Being stuck in the directory meant that Lion Luggage could easily be overlooked for luggage storage. They were also subject to the platforms non-negotiable fees, meaning that they only received 45% of the revenue for each order.
  3. Streamline custom service performance –  By moving their services to their own domain, Lion Luggage is able to offer add-on and complimentary services to increase their average order value and customer experience.
  4. Scalable system for future growth – By moving the home of their operations to Aerial CRM, Lion Luggage was able to reduce the amount of software subscriptions, sign ins, and other supplemental services. This CRM currently supports hosted team training, unlimited team members, and one-stop process management.
  5. Access to real-time information – By migrating their website to Aerial CRM, the managing team of Lion Luggage can now receive real time notifications and customized dashboards to monitor what is most important to them based on their position.

The Outcome

Migrating Lion Luggage Concierge to its own website and into the Aerial CRM platform had multiple achieved multiple successful outcomes for Lion Luggage. There was an initial 52% increase in revenue share per order and they are able to streamline all of their processes: invoices, website, automation, workflow, training, and customer experience into a single platform which saved them over $200 per month in operations costs.

Moving to an all-in-one system allows the owners of the business to step away and reduce their day-to-day hands-on requirements so that they can pursue other ventures. This implementation was successfully rolled out in July 2024 and Black Dragon Marketing will continue to support Lion Luggage and its owners with any further requirements.

The Website

Lion Luggage had hired an outside developer to help with their website that left a lot to be desired. Along with updating the website, we also had them purchase an SEO (search engine optimization) domain.

Project Specifics:

  • Timeline: 4 weeks
  • 5 CTAs (Calls-to-Action)
  • Location specific FAQs
  • Lead capture capable
  • Visible reviews
  • Optimized for SEO

Website Before

Website After