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Nayo Wills
Medical Doctor
Tarletta is an idea machine. She had to stop herself because she was just, you could just see how her mind works to just give you constantly. And, she wasn't necessarily familiar with my field, but she still was able to just come up with things that were very applicable and very, just great ideas. And it was so well put together and the workbooks were amazing and she's just very personable and relatable. It was a really good experience, Definitely glad I signed up for her Bootcamp.
Michele Echols
Tarletta is awesome. I cannot express the gratitude that I have for taking her video marketing workshop. Handouts were great, hand do complaints, actually loved the fact that she gave so much of herself in the workshop...She actually broke it down to the wheel and how you're supposed to develop your ideas. I still have my information...and your video marketing guide...this step by step illustration it was so awesome. It was really great.
Laura Braxton
Daycare Owner
I loved absolutely everything about the consultation. TJ was very personable and thorough. She explained everything in a way that fit my personality and character so I was able to completely understand and comprehend everything we discussed. I recommend this company to all of my friends with businesses. You guys are awesome.
Conference 21 Attendee
Anonymous Feedback
Tarletta was an energized and energizing speaker! She has a vast knowledge of digital marketing and shared some insights and tips I have not heard anywhere else before.
Casandra Thomas
Owner, Sizable Footwear
Tarletta was amaaaaazimg and delegates your vision with passion as if your business is her own. She is very professional, exceptionally, and Bazel did an excellent job capturing video and photo shots precisely and efficiently. Please work with this team, Black Dragon Marketing, for your business needs.