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Asking For Reviews

Did you know that customers are three times more likely to leave a review when they’ve had a bad experience than when they’ve had a good one? It totally sucks. We’re here to help you start asking for reviews to ensure that the good outweigh the bad and to help you build a better business through customer feedback.

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Responding to Reviews

Responding to your customer reviews is just as important as receiving them, but responding to everyone can be difficult to keep up with and extremely time consuming. Check out our review reputation services to help you manage and respond to them faster and with greater impact.

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“Your customers want to feel seen and heard. You can do that by showing them you’re listening.”



  • Reach out to customers and ask for the review
  • Monitor and manage your online reputation
  • Get notified of mentions and comments
  • Stay engaged with your audience

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Make Sure Your Customers Feel Seen


When your customers take the time to write a review, it should be celebrated. Yes, that includes the not so awesome ones too. Customer feedback is your direct line to knowing how your business is doing. Good reviews are awesome, and it’s your job to make sure that you understand what made that experience great. Negative reviews can be tough, but they’re your red flag that something isn’t working correctly so you can find the problem, and fix it. 

Whether the reviews are good or bad, it’s important that your customers know that you are listening – and your future customers should see it too. As consumers check out reviews they are looking for timeliness, experience, and the response. It’s pretty evident when you respond to the good ones and not the bad ones and the last thing you want is someone seeing a comment battle between you and someone that didn’t enjoy their time with you.

Explore our reputation management services and packages to help keep your business on the right side of the review panel and your customers willing to give them.

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