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A new way to engage your customers.

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More than 46% of email subscribers check their email on their mobile device. With built in notifications every time something new hits their inbox, the average person checks their email 15x per day. What would you say?

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Customer loyalty programs, mobile apps and games are a great way to reach your audience. Your customers are spending more and more time on their phones. We’re here to help you put your message in front of them.

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SMS and push notification top the click through charts. Your customers check their phone almost every 15 minutes. We help you create new ways to start the conversation, deliver the information and close the sale.

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The Movement to Mobile

As businesses are making the transition to digital marketing many of them are waiting far too long to dive into the grand potential of mobile distribution. Whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, what are you doing to make sure you are a part of the experience?

Mobile marketing includes the ability to create apps for your most loyal customers, text message alerts for new sales and personalized offers and push notifications from email and social media providers. 

When done properly, your text message strategy can produce 10x your email click through rates, increasing your sales potential. Customers are also more likely to share a text message than an email, and it’s typically more direct than a social media post. 

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