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As companies are building their websites and optimizing traffic through SEO and consistent content, many of them overlook the simplicity of getting properly listed. Increase the impact of your organic efforts by joining local directories that can drive business right to your door, even the physical one.


Use Listings to be Seen

Getting listed by local directories is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your exposure both online and in the physical market. More than 80% of consumers stated that they look up a company before deciding to visit in person and customers that visit are more likely to leave a review or share their experience with someone else.


Significant Online Presence Boost

Once you are listed in your local area, you are able to be found by more customers. This helps to increase the amount of online traffic and in-person visits. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible. Start with the ones right in your area.


Build Local Credibility

Unlike global organizations, local businesses have to work hard to build trust with the people in their area. Word of mouth marketing holds the title for the best source of marketing and it’s not set to change. According to a recent study, local shop visitors look through and average of 10 customer reviews before they feel that they can trust a local business. 

Give your visitors and customers a place to leave and read reviews.


Better Ranking Potential

When it comes to search engines, visibility is key. Search engines use a variety of metrics, including directory listings and consistency to decide what populates in search results. Being properly listed in your local market you increase your chance of out-ranking your competitors.



On average there are over 50 local listings for anywhere in the United States and most business are on less than 5 of them. Increase your ability to be seen and build trust. Contact our sales team to see how many potential listing opportunities you’re missing out on.

Take Action


Getting listed is important, but search engines are less likely to display your business if the information you have listed isn’t consistent across your postings. We give you a single place to monitor and manage all of your listings at once, so that any change goes everywhere at the push of a button.

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Once you’ve been listed, it’s important that your information stays up to date. Many directories allow you to link content to your listing so you can stay relevant. It’s also important that you update your hours regularly for holidays and other special occasions. Contact us today to get started.

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